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NCAS provides a comp​etency assessment service for nurses and healthcare assistants s​eeking to license
in British Columbia and Maritime Canada (Nova Scotia, New ​Brunswick or Prince Edward Island).​


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*NCAS to support new registration pathway for internationally educated nurses*

NCAS is excited to support nursing regulators in British Columbia, Alberta, and New Brunswick as they launch a new registration process for internationally educated nurses. Please visit the website of the provincial regulator for more information: 


​New Triple-Track Assessment

The Triple-track assessment an innovative assessment which aims at making it easier for internationally educated nurses to enter BC's nursing work force. NCAS's new triple-track assessment allows a potential registrant to have their competencies assessed for three nursing professions – registered nurse, licensed practical nurse and health care assistant – with no additional fees. After completing both the computer-based assessment and the simulation lab assessment, all applicants will receive three distinct competency reports that they can then use to seek registration in the nursing profession of their choice. Learn more​​​​

The triple-track assessment is one of three initiatives being launched to expedite internationally educated nurses into the BC health system. Learn more about BCCNM dual application and Government of BC bursaries and supports for IENs here.​